Oluyemisi Jeje

Oluyemisi has over 21 years of experience in reservoir engineering, including 11 years of performing reserves evaluations and resource assessments with Sproule. He is a Qualified Reserves Evaluator and Auditor as defined in National Instrument 51-101 (Alberta Securities Commission) and PRMS, who has successfully managed projects in the United Kingdom and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea, New Zealand, Libya, Kenya and Indonesia. He has also contributed to onshore and offshore projects in countries including Bolivia, Mexico, Canada, Côte d’Ivoire, and Ukraine. Oluyemisi’s primary accountabilities include:

  • Managing year-end annual corporate reporting projects.
  • Analyzing production, reservoir and fluid data to provide rigorous technical assessments.
  • Applying economic modelling for both royalty tax and production sharing contract (PSC) fiscal regimes to provide meaningful valuations of international assets.
  • Preparing documents for corporate disclosure purposes, including reserves and resource reports, due diligence for auditors, and support material for annual shareholder disclosure documents.
  • Providing technical training course instruction covering a variety of reservoir engineering topics.
  • Participating in editing of analysis methods section of PRMS 2018 Application Guidelines document.