John Schuyler

MR. JOHN SCHUYLER, CAM, CCE, CMA, CMC, CPIM, PMP and PE, is a decision analyst, evaluation engineer, and investor. He founded his consulting practice, Decision Precision, in 1988. He has over 37 years of experience in analysis, consulting, training and management, primarily in the energy industry. His focus has been in feasibility analysis, appraisals, corporate planning, and evaluation software. He has presented over 290 courses in 34 countries since 1989. He was vice president and petroleum engineer with Security Pacific National Bank, planning and evaluation analyst at Cities Service Oil Co., manager of business systems for Cities Service's Petrochemicals Division, and senior management consultant with a national accounting firm. He is a member of eight professional organizations and is an author and speaker on modern analysis practices. He is the revision author of Decision Analysis for Petroleum Exploration, 2nd Ed., author of Risk and Decision Analysis in Projects, 2nd Ed., and has written over 40 articles, papers and handbook chapters. He received BS and MS degrees in mineral-engineering physics from the Colorado School of Mines and an MBA from the University of Colorado. His website is