Hector Moreno

MR. HECTOR C. MORENO was a Senior Instructor with Halliburton Baroid Fluid Services. As a Chemical Engineer he has been involved in the manufacturing, distribution and product application of drilling fluids. After being a supervisor of Schlumberger Mud Logging operations in Southern Argentina, he worked as a Core Analyst and built with Core Laboratories International -and using CoreLAB equipment- the first complete Core Analysis facility in Latin America to serve most of the area from the city of Bogot, Colombia. He developed better analytical techniques for precious and semiprecious metals from mining samples with the University of Buenos Aires in a joint project with the Latin American branch of Falconbridge. He worked as a fluids engineer in SE Asia, Europe, and Latin America before becoming engaged in the trade of nonmetallic minerals and supplier of imported commodities such as barite and bentonite for distinguished operators and fluids companies in Texas and Louisiana. He received his BS degree in chemical engineering at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.