Hamidreza (Mehrdad) Soltanzadeh

MR. MEHRDAD SOLTANZADEH is a geomechanics expert with over two decades of industrial and academic experience in different areas of geomechanics such as drilling, fracking, geological storage, in-situ thermal operations and integrated subsurface characterization. Examples of his recent works are development of hybrid data-physics analytics algorithms for optimizing the operations in unconventional plays and investigation of the role of progressive aseismic failure in fracking-induced seismicity. He is the director of PetroGem Inc., a company that provides consulting, training, and software solutions to the upstream oil & gas industry. Mehrdad holds multiple degrees in civil, geotechnical and geological engineering. Mehrdad has taught at multiple universities and he has been a Petroskills instructor since 2013. Mehrdad is a registered professional engineer and the author of several technical papers in reservoir geomechanics.