David Marschall

MR. DAVE MARSCHALL is a retired petrophysicist who has spent 36 years in the petroleum industry. Retiring from Shell International Exploration and Production, Mr. Marschall's last position was as the Petrophysics Discipline Lead and first level technical authority. Included in his 13 years with Shell, Mr. Marschall worked as a petrophysical engineer on a variety of projects ranging from EOR in mature fields to green field exploration and exploitation in the deep-water environment. Prior to Shell, Mr. Marschall worked for NUMAR, an NMR logging company, developing applications for NMR logging. He published papers on the integration of core and logs as it relates to NMR logging as well as developing a new business for NUMAR utilizing NMR measurements on core and fluids. This included planning formation evaluation programs for various production companies. Halliburton later purchased NUMAR and Mr. Marschall continued his development of core and log integration for several years before his employment with Shell. Prior to working for NUMAR, Mr. Marschall started his career in the oil industry with Core Laboratories. He held positions in management and operations for both routine and special core analysis. He was part of Core Laboratories training program where he taught petrophysics internally as well as externally for industry professionals. As a research petrophysicist he developed formation evaluation applications as well as quality control processes for operations. Through the years Mr. Marschall has been a member of the SCA, SPWLA and SPE. He has been a SPE Distinguished Lecturer and taught short courses on petrophysics for the AAPG. He received a BS in Marine Biology and an MS in Biomedical Illustration from California State University - Long Beach.