Carlos Palacios

DR. CARLOS A. PALACIOS T. is a National Association of Engineers (NACE) certified Chemical Treatment Corrosion Specialist and Internal Corrosion Specialist, and is the author of numerous technical publications on the subject of corrosion. He has a BS, an MSc, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and Post-Doctoral studies in Erosion/Corrosion from the University of Tulsa. His 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry have resulted in his becoming a subject matter expert on internal corrosion, erosion, chemical treatment, material selection, water treatment, oil treatment, and corrosion monitoring in fields in Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Kuwait, and the US. Dr. Palacios has been an instructor for about 20 years and has extensive experience in leading seminars, and developing and teaching industry courses in: Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Turkey, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, UAE, Vietnam, Venezuela, and India. He has served as a professor for both undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Tulsa and various universities in South America. Dr. Palacios holds a US. Patent # 7,942,200 for a Downhole Chemical Dispersion Device. He leads technical committees in NACE International to develop Standard Practices. He is a recipient of the NACE Distinguished Service Award in March 2013. He was International Director for the NACE Foundation from 2005 to 2013.