Asnul Bahar

DR. ASNUL BAHAR has been developing and implementing new techniques for reservoir field studies and related fields for 10 years. For 4 years he has been teaching courses relating to Geostatistics for integrated reservoir modeling. Dr. Bahar is proficient in using commercial software (PETREL) and in customizing C++ software for reservoir modeling, and has performed flow simulation study using an ECLIPSE flow simulator. He has been coordinating the operation of various on-going consulting studies and projects, including: Reservoir Rock Type Modeling, Stochastic Property Modeling, Fracture Integration and History Matching, Fracture Modeling and Integration into Reservoir Model, UAE Reservoir Evaluation, Integrated Reservoir Characterization and Flow Simulation, and more. Dr. Bahar has a PhD in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Tulsa as well as an MS in Petroleum Engineering. Dr. Bahar received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Institut Teknologi Bandung in Indonesia.