Managing Brownfield Projects - FPM42

Discipline: Project Management
Level: Intermediate
Instructors who teach this course:

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Why is it so difficult to manage projects inside operating facilities? Keeping the scope from growing is a constant battle. Operations priorities and maintenance needs hamper work productivity. To be successful, brownfield projects need strong control, effective liaison, and good interface management. Experienced instructors will share tools and techniques that will help you work in this dynamic, operations-centric project environment.

Upon completion you will know how to:
  • Examine existing documentation and confirm field conditions to improve scope control
  • Frame a project and select the best concept for development
  • Coordinate the work effectively with operations, maintenance and shipping

Instruction, guided discussion, and in-depth work tasks based on the instructor's brownfield project management experience are used. The sharing of experience in this course make the sessions challenging and insightful.

"Very interesting and enough case studies." - Petroleum Engineer, Nigeria

"Great info! Gives a bigger picture to the world of projects." - Participant, United States
This course is for team members that work on projects installed in existing facilities. Engineers, operations leads, and maintenance reps should attend. Services personnel in cost, schedule, procurement, and quality functions will also benefit. This course helps business, commercial and finance and other non-engineers who want a greater awareness of brownfield project challenges.
How To:

  • Deal with competing priorities
  • Stage development to manage plant complexity
  • Minimize surprise work with due diligence surveys
  • Resolve issues using an oversight board
  • Tailor contracting strategy for brownfield projects
  • Tackle unique brownfield constructability issues
  • Ensure operations staff buy into objectives
  • Brownfield stage gate system
  • Staffing the team
  • Communications needs in an operating facility
  • Challenges in concept choice
  • Key value improving practices
  • Due diligence in the existing facility
  • Quality in engineering, procurement, and construction
  • Increased brownfield risks
  • Change management
  • Contract strategy
  • Procurement, logistics, and material management
  • Construction management and HSE
  • Managing cost/schedule expectations
  • Performance reporting
  • Commissioning and startup
  • Roles and qualities of successful project managers