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Basic Petroleum Geology - BG

Available On-Demand

The Basic Petroleum Geology course is designed to introduce anyone to the basic concepts of Petroleum Geology. An important goal of the course is to explain the vocabulary and context of Petroleum Geology so that participants can learn and understand the role of the Geologist in the overall process of Petroleum Exploration and Production, for both Conventional and Unconventional Resources. The course is supplemented by a large number of case histories and examples that concretely illustrate the concepts and principles presented in the course material.


Duration: Approximately 40 hours of self-paced work, 100% online delivery




These individual modules are available online. Work through them at your pace, whenever and wherever you need them.


Petroleum Geology


Basic Geology - Introduction


Foundation Geological Concepts


Sedimentary Geology - Depositional Controls for Carbonate Reservoir Rocks


Sedimentary Geology - Depositional Controls for Clastic Reservoir Rocks


Petroleum System - Overview and Source


Petroleum System - Reservoir and Seal


Petroleum System - Trap and Timing


Petroleum System - Example


Hydrocarbon Reservoirs


Unconventional Petroleum Resources




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