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About the Course

Non-technical or societal risks have become the main source of business delays and budget overruns in the oil and gas industry. Non-technical risks typically are related to political, regulatory, health, safety, security, environmental, and social issues. Mitigation requires good external awareness and stakeholder engagement skills, but also the willingness of technical and commercial teams to work closely together with the non-technical disciplines to accommodate non-technical perspectives in project designs and plans.

This course looks at both the internal and the external challenges that a company may face related to stakeholder engagement. On the external side, we look at current trends in western and non-western societies, we study key stakeholder groups, in particular those seen as 'difficult to deal with,' and then cover the practicalities of creating and maintaining effective relationships. However, a company will not be effective in its response to the external world if it is not well organized internally. Therefore, this course will also look at processes and tools to ensure internal alignment and cooperation with the aim to link external perspectives to business decision making. A key methodology is the quantification of non-technical risks because it helps prioritization and focusing of resources and mitigating activities.

The overall objective of this course is to enhance the ability of a company to deliver its business on time, within budget, and at design capacity from an external risk perspective. To enhance learning effectiveness, hands-on experience will be emphasized through group exercises, role-play, and interactive challenge. Case studies, storytelling, and video materials will be used to enhance the learning experience. Self-assessment surveys and quizzes will stimulate reflection and personal development.

Target Audience

All oil and gas business professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in the management of non-technical risks. Specifically, managers with accountability for business delivery, that is, projects or operations; managers of technical and commercial teams that support projects or operations; and professionals in Health, Safety, Security & Social Responsibility; Government Relations; and Communications.

You Will Learn

  • About important trends in the relationship between business and society
  • To make the business case for active management of non-technical risks
  • Essential concepts of stakeholder engagement, including dealing with activist stakeholders
  • How to set up the internal structure and collaboration model to respond effectively to the external world
  • How to apply the tools to identify, assess, quantify, and mitigate non-technical risks
  • How to integrate non-technical risks into business decision-making processes

Course Content

  • Trends in western and non-western societies affecting oil and gas companies
  • The business impact of non-technical risks: the case for action
  • An overview of modern stakeholder engagement models
  • Methods to deal with NGOs, activist investors, and communities
  • Insight in the power and limitations of multi-stakeholder initiatives
  • Internal organizational and cultural complexities and challenges, and practical solutions
  • Essential international standards as required by international lenders and institutions
  • Application of the project risk management framework and its tools to non-technical risks
  • Quantification of non-technical risks to drive focus and action
  • Linking up with the business decision-making process
  • Dealing with internal resistance to change by learning from the safety journey
  • Participants will leave with a blueprint for implementation in their own company

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