Compliance Management solutions from PetroSkills and RDC Solutions

The Oil & Gas industry faces unique learning and compliance requirements. As a learning solution provider for process manufacturing companies for more than 50 years, we understand the needs of organizations in the industry. Unlike other companies that focus only on one aspect of compliance, our experience extends to the requirements of multiple agencies, from OSHA to BSEE, DOT, ISO, EPA, NRC and USCG.

Each standard requires extensive documentation of procedures, extensive training of personnel, comprehensive communication of important issues, and stringent management of change to assure that all employees have access to information and understand it sufficiently to do their jobs safely and efficiently. Compliance requires a more knowledgeable workforce as an integral part of a continuous ongoing process.

Compliance Management Solutions use a comprehensive knowledge transfer environment. Our approach includes:

  • Content Development - We work with subject matter experts to identify and capture the knowledge requirements specific to environments, processes, equipment, and units.

  • Instructional System Design - We create a solution that enables workers to gain knowledge proficiency to progress from entry-level fundamentals through to critical concepts.

  • Differential Learning - We implement a dynamic web-based learning technology to identify knowledge gaps and create personal learning paths to guide workers to 100% proficiency.

  • Compliance Management - We enable our clients to improve performance and reduce risk with a focus on true compliance through a more knowledgeable workforce.

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Online Learning


Safe and productive operations rely on skilled and knowledgeable workers. ePILOT is industry-validated online learning content for Technical Skills, EH&S, and process-specific operations.


With over 40 million course-hours of training delivered at over 500 sites worldwide, the ePILOT™ libraries represent THE gold standard for knowledge transfer in the oil and gas industry.

  • Over 600 hours of customizable content developed exclusively for the oil and gas industry
  • Knowledge gaps and competencies are quickly benchmarked against certified content
  • Personal learning paths help learners achieve 100% competency for any job's knowledge requirements
  • All content can be customized to meet site-, unit-, and job-specific needs
  • All ePILOT content qualifies for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Certificates of Achievement


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Learning and Compliance Management


Active Learner® is a performance support system focused on learning and compliance management specifically for process manufacturing facilities.

Active Learner features:

  • Curriculum Development - Develop and manage job/role-specific course curriculum including pre-requisites, re-training, and alternate courses. Manage content data, including course identity, links to course materials, and grade format with course versioning and archiving support. Integrate operating procedures and safe work practices.
  • Records Management - Plan, schedule, track, grade, and document with custom reports to keep management informed and supportive. Create reports that meet compliance requirements and business objectives. Export data to corporate systems.
  • Compliance Management - Automate compliance requirements and plant-specific mandates with comprehensive reporting. Management of change controls the process workflow, ensuring all content changes are reviewed and approved. Audits and eSignatures verify authenticity of reviews and approvals and control workflow.
  • Content & Evaluation Authoring - Create valid course content and content evaluations using proper instructional design methods. Convert procedural documents to web-based performance support tools. Content authoring tools with templates allow for fast, intuitive content creation. Generate statistical analysis of question validity.
  • Multi-Language Support - A multilingual learner interface is available in 12 languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese.
  • AICC/SCORM Compliance - Environment integrates seamlessly with existing LMS/ERP systems.


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Programs in Learning Operating Techniques - Workbooks and Videos


Our knowledge transfer focus began 50 years ago as the exclusive developer of the PILOT Process Operations and PROFIT Production Operations training series for the American Petroleum Institute (API). All titles are specifically developed for operator use.

  • Comprehensive Topics - Covers over 75 topics specific to operator training.
  • Industry Standard - Specifically designed for operators, it is the official PILOT process operations curriculum developed for the American Petroleum Institute.
  • Proven Instructional Design - Content meets stringent industry association standards to facilitate learning, improve proficiency, and meet compliance requirements.
  • Ideal for Classroom Settings - For users who prefer a traditional learning format, or where computer access is not available or permitted.
  • Budget Conscious - Pricing is per workbook/video/DVD.
  • Achievement Certificates - Learners may earn Certificates of Achievement and hard hat decals recognizing the number of hours of training in their successful course completions.


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