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PetroSkills courses cover virtually every technical discipline, learning style and level of competency, from basic awareness through mastery.  Learning what you need to know, at the right depth.

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PetroSkills oil and gas courseThe depth and business-relevance of our course content are unsurpassed. Only PetroSkills courses are developed in collaboration with the PetroSkills Alliance – the industry’s most authoritative voice concerning what oil and gas professionals really need to know today


PetroSkills instructors are world class experts, practitioners in their fields who have learned to be superb teachers in our instructor training program. We believe in learning that is active, stimulating, flexible and designed to accommodate all learning styles.

PetroAcademy Blended/Virtual

PetroAcademy combines PetroSkills industry knowledge, expertise, content, and technology to develop workforce competency. Each Skill Module provides a summary of the specific learning activities that the learner will complete, and may include activities such as reading assignments, self-paced e-learning, virtual instructor-led sessions, discussion forums, group exercises and more.

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Applied Reservoir Engineering


Basic Drilling, Completions, & Workover Operations


Basic Geophysics


Basic Reservoir Engineering


Basic Petroleum Technology Principles


Basics of Rotating Mechanical Equipment


Basics of Static Mechanical Equipment


Casing Design Workshop


Completions & Workovers


Foundations of Petrophysics


Gas Conditioning & Processing Principles


NODAL Analysis Workshop


Production Logging


Production Operations 1


Process Safety Engineering Principles


Production Technology for Other Disciplines


Reservoir Engineering for Other Disciplines


Scale Identification, Remediation, and Prevention Workshop



The ultimate in flexibility.

In-house courses are private, on-site seminars taught wherever, whenever and however you want. You save time, money and travel hassles by bringing our courses to your site or to any convenient location you choose.



More in-house course choices.


All of our public courses are available as in-house courses.  You can also choose one of the following courses, which are available specifically for in-house use. Contact our in-house courses team to learn more or to discuss availability.




Accredited H&S Professional: GradIOSH, CMIOSH and ASP by Applied Learning (Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice) - HSP




Petroleum Systems Analysis - PSA




Use of Full Azimuth Seismic and Microseismic for Unconventional Plays - FAMS


  Production & Completions    


Beam Pumps - BP


Operations and Development of Surface Production Systems - PO4


Plunger Lift - PLS


  Reservoir Engineering   


Coalbed Methane Reservoirs: Advanced Analysis Techniques - CMR


Horizontal and Multilateral Wells: Analysis and Design - HML1


Streamlines: Applications to Reservoir Simulation, Characterization and Management - SRS


  Well Construction/Drilling    


Offshore Drilling Operations - ODO


Solids Control Systems - SCS


Well Construction - WCT


  Petroleum Data Management   


Geomatics: Geodesy and Cartography - GEOM1


  Process Facilities   


Process Utility Systems - PF-47


Separation Equipment - Selection and Sizing - PF-42


Troubleshooting Oil and Gas Processing Facilities - PF-49


  Mechanical Engineering   


Fired Heater Workshop - FHW


  Instrumentation, Controls, & Electrical   


PLC and SCADA Technologies - IC-71


Valve and Actuator Technologies - IC-72


  Operations & Maintenance   


Amine Sweetening and Gas Dehydration for Operations and Maintenance - OT-41


Crude Oil Pipeline Operations - OT-50


Fractional Distillation Crude Oil - OT-44


Gas Production / Processing for Operations and Maintenance - OT-3


LNG Facilities for Operations and Maintenance - OT-43


NGL Extraction, Stabilization and Fractionation for Operations and Maintenance- OT-42


Oil and Gas Processing Facilities for Operations and Maintenance - OT-1


Operator Training - OT


Turnaround Strategy and Planning - TSP


  Petroleum Business/Project Management   


Economic Evaluation of Prospects Producing Properties - EPP


Effective Materials Management - SC-42


Essential Technical Writing Skills - ETWS


Fundamentals of International Oil and Gas Law - IOG


Making Change Happen: People and Process - MCPP


Negotiation Skills for the Petroleum Industry - NSPI


Team Building for Intact Teams - TB


Advanced Project Management II - FPM63



Contact our in-house courses team to learn more or to discuss availability.



Attend in person for a course experience like no other.

Innovation at PetroSkills makes it easy to reach your competency goals on any scale. We can deliver the training you need – how, when and where you need it. PetroSkills conducts over 1,700 public and in-house course sessions every year in locations around the world.  With subject matter that is completely current and meticulously prepared, the experience is active, stimulating and relevant from the first minute of class to the last.



Participants work side-by-side with professionals who are similarly motivated, under the guidance of a world-class expert. For many, this is the start of long-term professional relationships with the instructor and their peers.


All participants receive a superb set of reference materials.  (For those attending remotely, course materials are delivered prior to the session date.)  The quality and value of these materials make them a “go to” professional reference of enormous value.  Afterward, participants can access these materials – and much more – through PetroCore Reference, the online, 24/7 reference resource.

Field Trips – Classrooms without walls.

Putting knowledge to work is our mission at PetroSkills. The following courses include a field trip module that dissolves the divider between the classroom and the real world. 


Basic Petroleum Geology – BG


Deep-water Turbidite Depositional Systems and Reservoirs – DWT


Drilling Fluids Technology – DFT


Naturally Fractured Reservoirs: Geologic and Engineering Analysis – FR


North Sea Petroleum Geology: Integrated Classroom, Core Store and Field Analogue on Reservoir Deposystems - NSPG


Petroleum Geology for Early Career Geoscientists and Engineers - PGGE


Sequence Stratigraphy: An Applied Workshop


Structural and Stratigraphic Interpretation of Dipmeters and Borehold-Imaging Logs - SSI


Our instructors include the leading technical experts in the petroleum industry. Most are consultants who work on the leading edge of technology, addressing the most pressing challenges the industry faces today. See full bios on any instructor at the link below



PetroSkills Course Progression Maps show how courses relate to each other within a specific technical discipline and closely related disciplines. Whether you’re planning a single career or developing a training plan for a team, these maps show you the big picture.  


Decrease your time to competency. Increase your knowledge and skills

By successfully completing four courses over a 36 month period, you can earn your PetroSkills Advanced Certificate in one of ten technical functions.




Click here to request more information on the PetroSkills Advanced Certificate™ program.



Successfully complete the required courses within a 36 month window.  Course requirements vary by discipline.



You will be awarded your PetroSkills Advanced Certificate™ that recognizes your commitment to speeding your time to competency and your dedication to increasing your knowledge and skills.



High-speed learning. Now, even faster.

A PetroSkills Accelerated Development Program (ADP) can dramatically enhance the success of your training program by combining traditional classroom learning with onsite coaching.  With the support of a world-class expert (usually the instructor from class), participants retain more of what they’ve learned in class and quickly become more productive team members on the job.

20% in class. 80% coached on the job.


Participants in an ADP spend approximately 20% of their time in a traditional classroom. The rest of their development takes place where it counts: on the job, contributing to the bottom line, and working under the guidance of a trained coach who understands your organization, its goals and its unique challenges.


The 20/80 format helps employees put their training into practice immediately. It relieves pressure on senior staff who are often asked to serve as informal coaches, and helps participants retain more of what they learn in class.

The Big Crew Change has already started. It’s time to move fast.


Accelerated Development Programs build competency faster. These programs are designed for the Big Crew Change, allowing you to quickly build teams that are tech-savvy, cross-trained and flexible. They’re ready for anything, which means your organization is, too.


To learn more, send an e-mail or call 832.426.1214. 



Your blueprint for success.

Developed in collaboration with the PetroSkills Alliance, our Competency Maps are the industry benchmark for structured, relevant training.



UPetroSkills Competency Mapnder the direction of an industry board, operational experts serve as curriculum advisors to define the technical skills required at specific levels of competence. The result is a common, agreed-upon set of competency maps that form the framework for all PetroSkills courses.


Our Competency Maps are continually refreshed to address new industry challenges and to keep pace with constant changes in technology and industry needs.





Available Competency Maps


Civil/Structural Geology

Floating Systems


Offshore Systems


Onshore Infrastructure

Production & Completions Engineering

Electrical & Instrumentation

Reservoir Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Well Construction/Drilling

Instrument & Control

Petroleum Business
Mechanical Project Management


Data Management



Non-Rotating Equipment


Rotating Equipment

Operations HSE Management

Facilities Operations

HSE Health Professional

Maintenance Management

HSE Safety Professional

Strategic Supply Chain

HSE Environmental Professional

Supply Logistics


Distribution Logistics

Process Technology  



Exploration & Production








Subsea Systems






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