Major LNG Operator Accelerates Workforce Competency


An LNG Operator engaged PetroSkills to develop a training program that would meet regulatory requirements and provide new hire operators with required math and science concepts, basic gas processing equipment knowledge, and LNG-specific training components. The new hires came from a diverse set of backgrounds and needed a training program to level-set their knowledge. The training program was timed to produce qualified workers to start up the newly constructed LNG facility at just the right time.


PetroSkills designed a multi-year blended learning program with plant-specific components to enhance the practical value of the training. The program includes on-line, classroom, and 'hands-on' laboratory equipment training, as well as on-the-job training workbooks, coaching and mentoring, and assessment guides. At the end of the program, PetroSkills instructors along with the operator's management team conducted unit and operating area assessments for final competency sign-off for each operator.


The training program ensures  that everyone in the facility, including operators and maintenance technicians, not only have a consistent understanding of the equipment and processes but also abide by the regulatory requirements, supporting an accelerated and blended learning approach.

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