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Help! My Distillation Products are Off-Spec! How Can I Fix this Efficiently?

Presented by Gerard Hageman

Tuesday, November 24th, 10:00 am CST (GMT-6:00)

So, you think you are operating your fractionation column as per design and now laboratory results return telling you that you have been running with off-spec. products.

In this webinar (which builds partly on the earlier presented webinar “Fractionation – Understanding your column from first principles” of October 20, 2020), two very important distillation “thinking-tools/models” are presented to help the operator/technologist to take the most economic corrective action.

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Webinar Objectives

 >>   To help participants take the most appropriate corrective actions in order to bring a mal-operating fractionation column back on spec.
 >>   Appreciate that the DOF (Degrees of Freedom) of a fractionator column during the design stage are different compared to the DOF during operation. This results in choosing the best column control scheme for a certain column as well as understanding the two most important operational control parameters: ECP (Effective Cut Point), SI (Separation Index).
 >>   Understand that the column control scheme applied has a very big effect on the dynamics of this column.

What will attendees learn?

 >>   Delegates will enhance their knowledge and expertise in fractionation-design as well as operation.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is particularly valuable for process industry plant technical staff-as well as operations managers, engineers, operations and maintenance and personnel, as well as for technical personnel involved in fractionation design, operation and troubleshooting.

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