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CO2 Capture: What is it and how would I do it?

Presented by Karl Gerdes

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This webinar provides a brief overview of the emerging field of CO2 capture from stationary industrial sources - primarily combustion operations. CO2 capture is part of the so-called “CCUS” chain – CO2 Capture, Utilization and Storage – where the basic concept is to prevent the release of CO2 to the atmosphere by de-carbonizing fossil fuels prior to use or by separating CO2 from effluents and recycling it for utilization, or “permanently” storing CO2 in subsurface formations. CCUS is viewed as a key component of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions reduction by IEA, as part of a long-term migration to sustainable energy systems.   

The main technical approaches used for CO2 capture will be reviewed, along applicability. Some approaches are suitable to retrofits. A specific example of CO2 capture on an industrial source – a steam methane reformer – is described. Finally, several operating commercial-scale CO2 capture projects are examined.

Webinar Objectives

At the end of this seminar, participants will:

 >>   Have a general appreciation of the Greenhouse effect

 >>   Understand the scale of GHG emissions in general and CO2 emissions in particular

 >>   Be familiar with major sources of CO2

 >>   Describe the basics of the three main technical approaches to CO2 capture from stationary sources – Post-combustion, Pre-combustion, and Oxyfiring

 >>   Gain an understanding that the best approach for CO2 capture varies with the emissions source and the site

 >>   Know that commercial scale CO2 capture projects are operating


What will attendees learn?

 >>   The scale of CO2 emissions is huge and deployment of extensive mitigation is comparable to the existing energy delivery infrastructure.

 >>   CO2 capture technologies are mostly extensions of natural gas processing and other industrial gas separation approaches.

 >>   The processes for CO2 capture storage have been deployed at commercial scale.

 >>   All large projects to date have been government subsidized, mandated, and/or motivated by penalty avoidance.


Who Should Attend?

The webinar provides a broad introduction to CO2 Capture, and is suitable for interested parties, such as environmental staff, facilities engineers, and gas processing engineers, including entry-level (1-2 year) engineers, or anyone interested in a general overview of this approach to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) mitigation.

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