25 Jan, 2013

NEWS: Newest operators welcomed to Alliance – BHP Billiton and Oman Oil Company

KATY, Texas, USA (25 January, 2013) — As the PetroSkills Alliance continues to expand geographically, we are proud to welcome the two newest operating companies, BHP Billiton and Oman Oil Co. Australia-based BHP Billiton is a global leader in oil and gas exploration, production, development and marketing, and brings a wealth of experience in operating large assets to the Alliance. Oman Oil Company is a leader in the energy sector and an important part of the Omani economy, and we welcome them into the Alliance.

About PetroSkills

PetroSkills was created in 2001 by BP, Shell and OGCI to provide “important but not unique” high quality, business relevant, competency based training. Through its membership PetroSkills has successfully evolved into an industry driven and approved program that spans the petroleum industry.

Today, with more than 28 members representing more than 40% of the world’s oil production, the PetroSkills Alliance is focused on meeting the challenges of the Big Crew Change and a rapidly changing hydrocarbon resource base.  As the oil and gas Industry’s partner, our mission is to deliver consistent, high quality, learning and development training and programs to build competent petroleum professionals.