22 Nov, 2021

Product updates and new functionality for ePILOT

Product updates and new functionality for ePILOTTM

We are focused on continued improvement of ePILOT e-learning including enhancements to the course. The following includes the latest new features and product enhancements:

- Audio on every page

- New video player

- Closed Captioning

- New interactive graphics

- Suggestions

- Survey

- New UI in 2020

You will notice a big change to e-learning courses.  We’re adding audio to every page. Audio will play automatically. There is a media player with a progress bar, pause/play button, and the time for each audio segment. At the beginning of each section the Learning Objectives are now animated and enter the screen with the audio.

New video player
The updated media player includes a video player with a more modern/cleaner look and feel. Functions include a progress bar, pause/play button, and now a playback speed.  Learners can speed up the videos by 2x or 1.5x faster.

Closed Captioning
Closed Captioning is being added to all videos. It is not automatically turned on, the learner can use the CC button to begin the closed captioning. This feature is useful for loud environments or comprehension assistance.

We’ve added many new interactive graphics with audio.  These clickable assets engage learners in activity more than just static words on page.  We also have inline questions, many which use interactive graphics, for learners to check in on their understanding. Additionally, we are making efforts to add more demonstrative videos to show rather than just tell learners.

This year, we added a feature at the top of every page called Suggestions.  From here, users can submit suggestions or comments.  All received are all promptly reviewed, assessed, and addressed.  This feedback is valuable for continued improvement.

We also added an end of course survey for learners at the end of courses. It is not mandatory.  It consists of 6 questions; 5 of which are multiple-choice.  This is another opportunity for us to get feedback to help us with our improvement efforts.

New UI
You’re probably already aware that we updated our user interface in 2020 with a streamlined and aesthetically up-to-date look.  A clean, modern cover page begins each course with clear start button. We replaced the traditional table of contents with a card viewer or box (vending machine) selection for navigation. It is now easy for the user to visually see where they are in the course and what they have already completed.


Coming in 2022

Foreign Language Translation
You will be able to launch our courses in different languages.  Menus, titles, and content will be in the language you choose.  For videos, the audio and text on screen will remain in English, and the closed captioning will be in the foreign language.  This will be helpful for our global clients and for those  to expand training to their workforce for whom English is not their first language.

LNG Courses
Plans to expand the Midstream library include several LNG focused courses. Topics include: Turbo-Expander NGL Extraction, Liquefaction Refrigeration & MCHX, Storage, BOG System, Flare, & Utilities, Cargo Carriers, H2S Scavenger

Deep Search
We are developing a “Deep Search” feature that would allow users to find that the videos included within a course, or even a specific point in a video based on key word search.