29 Jun, 2020

An Introduction into the Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., Mixed Refrigerant LNG Liquefaction Process - What is it, and how does it work?

The birth of modern day LNG production and worldwide commerce commenced with the 1958 conversion of the NORGULF’S Shipping Line’s freighter, NORMANTI into the newly designed world’s first LNG carrier renamed the Methane Pioneer. The vessel was fabricated by the recently formed Constock International Methane (CIM) consortium. The Methane Pioneer was retrofitted for LNG transport, and designed to carry 5 000 m3 (32,000 Bbls) of LNG, equivalent to some 2,375 tonnes of LNG, corresponding to 3.23 x 106 std m3/114 MMSCF of liquefied process gas. Her maiden voyage was from Constock's LNG production facility on the Calcasieu River in Louisiana on 25 January 1959 to its destination at Canvey Island in England, arriving on 20 February.

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1 Jun, 2020

H2S and Hydrogen Charging

This Tip of the Month discusses hydrogen charging, process safety problems it may cause and what you can do to avoid these issues.

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1 May, 2020

Piping Vibration: Causes, Limits & Remedies

Piping vibration is a major cause of concern in process plants, particularly in the oil and gas industry where the loss of containment could be catastrophic. This Tip of the Month explains the root causes of piping vibration, natural frequencies and how they may be changed using appropriate structural supports and layouts.

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3 Apr, 2020

PetroSkills|Simulation Solutions Hosts ChemE-Sports Competition

PetroSkills|Simulation Solutions recently hosted a ChemE-Sports workshop at Texas A&M for the AIChE Student Chapter.

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1 Apr, 2020

MDEA Loss in the LPG Treating Process

This Tip of The Month investigates the effect of pressure, temperature, MDEA concentration and rich amine loading (circulation rate) on the MDEA solubility loss from the contactor top.

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