Corrosion and Water Technology for Petroleum Producers

Corrosion and Water Technology for Petroleum Producers is geared to the needs of field engineers, production foremen, and others involved with reducing production costs. Text and topics are designed for fast, easy reading to provide a coordinated understanding of both scientific principles and established remedies using numerous illustrations, practical guidelines, and specific corrosion control methods, based on firsthand field and laboratory experience. The result is primarily a digest of essential information for a special audience – oil and gas production personnel. The primary goal is to provide a basic level of understanding of corrosion and water problems as they exist in production operations and of the major control procedures that have evolved within the industry.


Section 1:  Corrosion Control – Corrosion Mechanisms and Influencing Factors; Fundamentals of Corrosion Prevention Methods; Chemical Inhibitors; Cathodic Protection; Protective Coatings and Plastics; Removal of Corrosive Gases – Mechanical and Chemical Methods; Metal Selection, Design and Handling Considerations; Specific Corrosion Control Procedures in Oil Production Operations; Corrosion Control in Enhanced Recovery (EOR) Projects; Detecting and Monitoring Corrosion Activity.

Section 2:  Water Technology – General Introduction; Water Properties and Components; Mineral Scales and Water Quality for Injection; Solids and Oil Removal; Appendix.

Author: Loyd W. Jones
202 pages
Published 1988; Second Printing 1992

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